About Polished Polish

I am Gemma, a monolingual pleb trying to learn Polish.

I hope to use this blog to chronicle my journey to being a polished and reasonably fluent Polish speaker.   Along the way I will give pointers to resources I have found helpful (or not), and inevitably vent about my battles with Polish grammar.  Fellow learners (or native speakers) should feel free to contibute by giving feedback, corrections or motivation in the comments section.  It is also my hope – albeit possibly far too ambitious – that this blog can help to create some sense of community and support amongst Polish learners.  So please, join in the journey and be active in the comments section! 

It falls to explain why I am attempting to learn Polish, of all languages – arguably not the most “useful” or easy of languages to add as a “first’ second language.   My motivation lies entirely in the fact that I engaged to the most amazing man ever, who happens to speak Polish as his first language.  Partly out of a sense of duty, and partly out of a desire to be able to understand what any eventual children we may have are saying,  I am trying to refire my language learning brain cells, which have been largely dormant since a fleeting experiment with Japanese nearly ten years ago, and an even shorter experiment with French.  

Of course language cannot be divorced from culture, so there will be some forays into Polish culture.  From poetry to pop songs, to traditions, recipes and the observations of a foreigner, Polished Polish will also chronicle the more “interesting” and practical parts of my Polish experiences!  


2 Responses to “About Polished Polish”

  1. Gemma,

    Thank you for creating this blog. I found it using Bing.

    Your post about birthdays brought a bright smile to my face.

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