Oh you passionate wild little frog! What to call your Polish boyfriend/girlfriend



I grew up in a culture where I regularly heard  “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince” .  Then I met my Polish Prince, and was told I could affectionately call him my little frog (żabko). I didn’t think he bore any resemblance to those ugly slime-covered pond-dwelling creatures, and I was pretty sure he wasn’t another frog I was going to kiss along the way – so I stuck to the pretty mundane kochanie (loosely, sweetheart, though it has other uses too).

Polish couples often use “animal names” to refer to each other.  Perhaps you think you/your partner would suit kotku (little cat)


No? Then how about rybko (little fish)

That's the orange one....

Perhaps myszko (little mouse) is more appropriate?

Now how could that not be cute

Or muszko (little fly)

MuszkoMisiu (little bear) could be more your style

Kocham cie

If all else fails, you must be króliczku (little rabbit)


Of course you can each be different animals. Kotku i myszko, for example.

See, they get on fine

Króliczku i Kotku works too.

Króliczku i Kotku

Just don’t try being two at once.



That would just be silly 😉


One Response to “Oh you passionate wild little frog! What to call your Polish boyfriend/girlfriend”

  1. 1 PMK

    I hear “zabko” and “misiu” (in both girlfriend/boyfriend case and familial settings.) Misiaczku also works. One family calls everyone in it (siblings, parents, pets) ‘misiu”, so it’s hard to know just who is calling whom.

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