Visiting Auschwitz


Also in the news this week – a record number of people are visiting Auschwitz.

I spent my first day in Poland traveling to Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp near Oświęcim.  It was a highly educational and thought-provoking experience for me, and I would recommend it very highly to those who wish to visit.

If you do want to go, there is an excellent website with information in English here: Entry is free, though you can pay to go on a guided tour.  I went around the sites on my own, and found the space to go at my own speed and reflect invaluable. There are many signs that you can read if you chose to go without a guide.

There is also information on the above website about how to get to Oświęcim.  I traveled from Krakow, via a local minibus I caught at the central station.  Unless you want to be crammed in as the driver picks up twice as many people as he has seats for, and then to enjoy your newfound company for two hours as he stops at every third house along the way, take a PKS bus or the train.

See the story about visitor numbers here:

Photos from my visit:


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