US clumsy?!


This week marked the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Invasion of Poland. It also marked another notable event.  The announcement from the Obama administration that they are canceling a US anti-missile shield that was being planned for Poland following an agreement with President Bush in 2008.

Polskie Radio has reported that this is being seen by some as a victory for the Kremlin, who opposed the idea from the time the agreement was signed.  While the reasons for foreign policy moves are often unclear, and remain so for some time, I would have thought the move probably has more to do with the fact the US has a new President, with a rather different security agenda.

What interested me most, though, was the reaction to the announcment from Poland’s Foreign Minister.  He suggested the timing of the announcement, which coincided with the 70th anniversary, was clumsy.  I can only surmise then that Foreign Minister Sikorski  expected that those in the Obama office should have had marked on their calenders that something dreadful happened in Poland 70 years ago.  Expecting intercultural courtesy is fine, but surely this goes beyond any reasonable expectation.

See the full Polskie Radio story here


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