Learning Polish from the bottom of Africa


So, I haven’t posted for nearly 3 months.  Dreadful. I apologise 😉

The main reason being that I’ve recently relocated from Europe to Africa.  My Polish language quest will continue though, as will this blog.

I realised how important learning Polish was to me when I was flying out of London in July.  The checkin officer refused to allow me to take one gram over 20kgs, unless I wanted to pay 34pound per kilo.  I didn’t.  No amount of explaining to her that I had been moving regularly for work and that my 28kgs of luggage  represented all of my worldly possessions and not an inability to pack sensibly for a two-week safari jaunt to see elephants would persuade her.  So, much to my horror, I decided to throw things out.  When it came to my stash of Polish books and CDs, I couldn’t part with them despite their reasonably heavy weight.  I walked back to the checkin desk to get my luggage reweighed, Polish books in hand, and asked where I could find a Post Office to courier them to my new home. Thankfully this time I had a slightly more sympathetic checkin officer, who after weighing my bag and finding it was 20.1kg (hah! how accurate was I?!!) told me to put the books back in and handed me my boarding pass.

So, now I’m here, with my Polish books.  All I have to do now is open them slightly more regularly….


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