Dada! Kocham Cię! – First words in Polish


First words: the source of untold hidden disappointment the world over.  How many parents will admit to having spent hours babbling Mama/Dada etc at their bemused bub, only to have their heart sink when the other parent, who never engaged in such babbling, gets the much awaited “first word”.  Indeed, such was the case in my family.  Sorry Mum.   If it makes you feel better, I learnt Mum in Polish (Mama) before Dad (Tata). Gotta love those common words!

However my first spoken words in Polish were Kocham Cię (I love you). Lets just say it was one of those instances of learning language in context 😉  It seems that I’m not the only person falling for a Pole, because there are quite a few resources on dating talk in Polish.  I’ve linked to two vids below.  Guys would be well advised to learn jesteś piękna (you are beautiful). But I should probably stop and give you the links, before this turns in to a blog on intercultural dating… here they are:

However, if you’re not learning Polish because you’re madly in love with a Polish person, or you are but you have realised that kocham cię can only get you so far and isn’t the best Polish phrase to show off to your significant other’s family/friends, you will have to at least learn some survival phrases.  Yes, really.    Thankfully the travel linguist has come to the party, and their Polish 101 video will teach you the following phrases:

Co to jest? (what is this?)

Jak się masz? (how are you?)

Bardzo dobrze, a ty? (very good, and you?)

Dziękuję (thank you)

Proszę bardzo (you’re welcome)

Jak masz na imię? (what is your name?)

Czy mówisz po angielsku? (do you speak English)

Przepraszam (excuse me)

Gdzie jest łazienka? (where is the bathroom)

Being able to say greet people is generally useful too.  I’ve listed the most popular greetings below.  I wasn’t able to find a relevant video for pronunciation of these, but remember that pronunciation in Polish is relatively consistent, so review this post here on pronunciation, and give these a go….

Cześć (Hello & goodbye)

Papa (more informal goodbye)

Do widzenia (Goodbye)

Dzień dobry (Good morning/good day/good afternoon)

Dobry wieczór (Good evening)

Do zobaczenia (See you soon)

That’s all for now.  Do zobaczenia!


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