A simple way to type Polish characters…


So, you want to write an email to a Polish friend or family member, and you’re stuck on how to get that “a with the cute little tail”   (ą)

…At this stage you don’t write in Polish very often, (clearly, or you probably wouldn’t be calling it the a with the cute little tail ;-)) and you don’t want to go through downloading and installing Polish character sets yet

…What do you do?

You come to PolishedPolish for advice, that’s what you do.  And then you follow that advice and go to:


Just click the relevant button when you need a special character.  Simple!


4 Responses to “A simple way to type Polish characters…”

  1. 1 PMK

    If you have a Mac, it’s quite easy to type Polish characters. The language sets come all pre-installed and they have this nifty Keyboard Input Viewer and such.

    The diacritical marks in Poland are quite neat, aren’t they? The little tails are called “ogonek”s (little tails) and the dashes above ó and such are called kreskas.

  2. 2 polishedpolish

    Thanks PMK, very helpful. I have always been a huge Mac fan but for some reason I seem to keep buying PCs. This is yet another reason to buy a Mac next time though!!


  3. 3 Carl Lopez

    I find that the freeware Lexibar Polish is very good for quickly inserting accented characters in Polish. The URL is: http://www.lexicool.com/lexibar-polish-special-keyboard-characters.asp

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