Channelling your inner 3-year-old: the alphabet & sounds in Polish


I was a nerd when I was 3 years old.  I really looked forward to going to daycare (actually, it was called Kindergarten, but thanks to the wonders of the English language and globalisation, it is easier to use “daycare”  than explain the various uses of Kindergarten in different countries.)

Most of all, I liked storytime and (gasp) homework.  Yes, we were given homework.  I remember proudly completing a scrapbook of pictures about cricket (the sport, not the insect, there’s your second clue to narrowing down my country of origin – because we all know that part of the fun of blogsurfing is getting to know strangers better than the people next door).  I also fondly remember making playdough cakes to celebrate birthdays, and getting flavoured milk every afternoon after nap time.  Lime, of course.

Many times I have considered that those were the best years of my life.   Mainly when I was a teenager and everyone seemed to want to tell me that I was currently living said “best years” (really, do people not remember what being a teenager was like?  Is there some kind of universal psychological defence mechanism that blocks all these memories out?).

But now I (and you too, because I know that all blog readers will follow every link I post) get the chance to relive those wonderful 3-year-old days, by learning the alphabet.  Except instead of a, b, c….it’s a, ą, b, c, ć….

Check out the link below – a pdf from Pitt University that covers the polish alphabet and sounds.  If it all gets too much,  go and grab some flavoured milk, dunk a cookie or three, and channel your 3-year-old self, who was never intimidated at the thought of having to learn all of <insert native tongue here>!

More of the visual/aural type?  Then check out this video from youtube.


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